PSA dossier against Mehbooba: Daughter rebuts charges, why did BJP form govt with PDP?

Bashaarat Masood
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Iltija dared the government to place the evidence in public domain.

The daughter of PDP president and former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti, Iltija Mufti, took to Twitter on Sunday to issue a point-by-point rebuttal of the Public Safety Act (PSA) dossier against her mother.

On the dossier stating that Mehbooba refused to sign a bond that she will not make a statement against the scrapping of Article 370, Iltija tweeted from her mother’s account, “However BJP can exploit Article 370 esp in election campaigns inc Delhi but those most affected by it cannot utter a word. Why is BJP scared of a debate?”

In response to the dossier citing “confidential reports” by intelligence agencies that Mehbooba has supported separatism in the Valley, Iltija dared the government to place the evidence in public domain. “This highlights BJP’s disregard for rule of law and intentionally defaming political rivals. Why not place such evidence in public domain? Are we a khap panchayat now?” she tweeted.

The PSA dossier says PDP’s creation is dubious and that the “green colour of party flag reflects its radical origin”. In reply, Iltija has asked why the BJP formed a coalition government with PDP if its origin was dubious? “Indian army officers wear green uniform and their vehicles are of the same colour. Are they radicalized too?” she asked and also posted a picture of the green flag of BJP’s Bihar ally JDU.

On the resemblance of PDP’s symbol with that of the Muslim United Front, Iltija asked, “PDP’s party symbol has been approved by ECI. Is GoI going to question and undermine decisions of ECI so brazenly now?”

The PSA dossier questions Mehbooba’s “provocative statement that led to incitement of violence”. Iltija has asked the government to substantiate this allegation with evidence. “Why did PM Modi heap praises on Ms Mufti in 2016 when today they accuse her of being hand in glove with separatists? What changed?...”

The dossier has accused Mehbooba of invoking religion to divide people “which could trigger violence in others parts” of the country. Terming this bizarre, Iltija has said, “Ironic since BJP amplifies divisive politics. BJP regime since its election in 2015 has been defined by divide and rule, lynching and othering Muslims and minorities.”