We can prove EVMs can be tampered with, says Arvind Kejriwal

Devyani Sultania
Delhi HC imposes Rs 10,000 fine on Arvind Kejriwal; advices not to ask 'indecent' questions

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lashed out the Election Commission on Monday over the tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) during assembly elections saying the poll panel was "making a mockery of the law" and the democracy in India was "under threat."

Kejriwal said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) could prove the EVMs are being tampered with using sophisticated software. He added that "an intentional bug has been added to the machine" and that it could not be a "malfunction." "We urge the Election Commission to reveal the EVM software to the country," the Aam Aadmi Party chief said at a press conference.

Kejriwal also said the paper ballots were the only solution to the problem. "Countries all over the world have rejected the use of EVMs during elections due to the possible problem of tampering. Many countries have resorted to paper ballots," the Delhi CM said.

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He added that the Indian democracy was "under threat" as people would lose trust in the election process if EVMs continued to be used and tampered with during polls. "It is dangerous for the whole country. People are asking me why should we even vote if our votes aren't counted. Democracy is under threat," Kejriwal said.

EC to AAP: Introspect on why you lost

The EC on Sunday strongly reacted to Kejriwal's allegations and said the party should introspect on why it lost the elections in Punjab instead of questioning the reliability of EVMs.

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The poll panel added that AAP could also file an election petition in the High Court if it wished to verify the number of votes that were cast in the recently concluded polls with data from the paper trail.

The EC, further adding that the "integrity of electoral process is fully preserved," said the "commission has put in place an elaborate technical and administrative system of safeguards to ensure error-free functioning of EVMs in elections. It is for your party to introspect as to why your party could not perform as per your expectations and it is unfair on the part of your party to attribute unsatisfactory poll performance of your party to the alleged tamperability of EVMs."

The poll panel also said the "commission is fully satisfied with the tamper proof functioning of the ECI-EVMs."

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