“How do i prove my devotion”, asks activist who was not allowed to enter Sabarimala temple

Vikas SV

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 19: Activist Rehana Fatima, one of the two women who had to return after reaching withing 500 meters of the Sabarimala Temple, said on Friday that her life is in danger.

Two women, Fatima and journalist Kavitha Jakkal, had to turn back and return after the head priest of the shrine threatened to shut down the shrine and stop prayers.

"People, not the devotees, who want to disrupt peace didn't allow us to enter. I want to know what was the reason. Tell me, in which way one needs to be a devotee. You tell me that first and then I will tell you if I'm a devotee or not," Fatima told the media.

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Fatima's house in Kochi was also ransacked after it came on news that she was enroute Sabarimala Temple where the entry of women is banned.

"I don't know what happened to my children. My life is also in danger. But they (police) have said that they will provide protection. That is why I am going back," she added.

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Over a hundered cops led by Inspector General S Sreejith had given two women, an activist and a journalist, a security cover and escorted them along the trek to the shrine. But when head priest issued a threat, Sreejith reportedly spoke to these women and convinced them to return.

Kavitha Jakkal said: "Thank you so much for supporting us. We are feeling proud to come here. You have seen what dangerous situation we faced."

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Devotees have been aggressively protesting a Supreme Court order that allows women of menstrual age to enter the temple, a ban that was followed for decades as a religious practice. With the Kerela government saying it will follow the court order and ensure women are allowed in the temple, protests have swept across the state leading to a state-wide shutdown.

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