Protesters Smash Windows at Democratic Party Building in Portland

Tara Bahl
·1-min read

Dressed in all black, more than 200 protesters reportedly gathered in Portland, Oregon, marching against the government, the police and the newly sworn-in US President Joe Biden, and smashing windows at the local headquarters of the Democratic Party.

Marchers held banners reading various messages, including "We are ungovernable" and "A new world from the ashes". While another said, “We don’t want Biden".

Those who took to the streets on Wednesday were far-left, anti-police activists identifying themselves as anarchists, antifa and racial justice protesters, reports The New York Times.

The Portland Police said anyone involved in vandalism would be arrested. They've also warned the crowd not to march on the streets.

The group marched to the local Democratic headquarters, where some people smashed windows, tipped over dumpsters and lit the garbage inside one of them.

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