Protesters show anti-CAA posters at Muslim Rashtriya Manch event

New Delhi [India], Jan 16 (ANI): A group of protesters wearing skull caps showed posters against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at an event of Muslim Rashtriya Manch organised here on Thursday to support the Act. They also charged towards the RSS leader and patron of MRM Indresh Kumar showing anti-CAA and NRC pamphlets. The protesting members and those who came in support of the Act exchanged few blows while the latter tried to push protestors out of the venue. This drama that unfolded at the event organised by the RSS and Ulemas was followed by quick detention of the protestors. While giving details of those detained, Yaser Ali, member of MRM said that six of the protestors were detained at parliament street police station. Kumar too mentioned that he knew at least one of the protestors. "I can see one of them (protestors) he had come to me to resolve some issue at his household. I won't name them as they all the brothers but they need to understand that they can't indulge in anti-national activity and I don't want media to hound them," said Kumar. Post ruckus, Kumar dedicated an hour explaining how the event has actually benefitted the CAA movement. "I am sure the media will show 'Shaitaan as Shaitaan'. There is a success in today's protest as it showed that there are few devils who are troubling the nation. Rest Muslims are peace lovers. Devil came and people gave them a befitting reply," he said. "The success of this event is in the fact that Muslims have shown that they are Indian and will remain so. Those who are enemies of the nation indulged in 'Shararat' and those who love the country would give out the message of love and peace," added Kumar. Even during the event, the organisers kept a vigil at the audience lest someone else too start the protest and disrupts the function. Kumar said he is being called at Shaheen Bagh but he will go only when few of the 'devils' will lessen from the venue. The RSS leader would be participating in a two-day conference on internal political and demographic situation of Pakistan to be held in Jammu. (ANI)

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