Protesters Ransack Lebanese Banks Building in Beirut

As thousands rallied against the government in Beirut on Saturday, August 8, numerous protesters entered government buildings and caused damage, according to reports. Also targeted was the Association of Lebanese Banks, as this video shows.

Prior to the August 4 explosion, Lebanon was embroiled in an economic crisis that anti-government critics say was caused by corruption and incompetence among the ruling elite, bankers and politicians among them.

The footage here shows demonstrators breaking down doors and entering the Association of Lebanese Banks building through shattered windows. Inside, some begin using implements to smash at the buildings walls and ceilings.

During the protests, Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets, according to local media. At least 175 people were treated for injuries, including 63 who were taken to hospital, the Lebanese Red Cross reported. Credit: Youth Bank Group via Storyful