Protest in Pune to condemn General Soleimani’s killing in US drone strike

Ruchika Goswamy
Protest in Pune to condemn General Soleimani’s killing in US drone strike

At the protest at HMJI Irani Imambara in Camp on Friday. (Express photo by Ashish Kale)

Written by Prasad Bhopale

A protest organised by the Shia Brothers of Pune, to condemn the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike in Baghdad, was held in Pune on Friday.

The protest was held at the HMJI Irani Imambara in Camp. The organisers had planned to take out a march to the District Collector’s office but the plans were curtailed due to security reasons.

“American forces carried out this act of terrorism against a military officer in another county when he was traveling. The act is unlawful as per military rules, government rules and rules of the United Nations. This happened under the orders of the President of America, which resulted in the death of important people of two countries. India and Iran’s relation dates back to 2000 years and after this terrorist attack, we want India to support Iran and not America,” said Yusuf Baig, president of Shia Brothers of Pune.

One of the protesters, Mehreen Yusuf Baig, said, “The act of assassinating General Soleimani was a cowardly act. It was ethically wrong. India has good relations with both Iran and America. We should support justice...”

The protesters held several placards against America and Israel, with slogans of ‘America murdabad, Israel murdabad, India zindabad, Soleimani zindabad’.