Protest Outside KFC Pits Vegans Against Meat Lovers on Facebook

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” The answer is...

Well, it doesn’t matter! At least to some people in Kolkata. Their prime concern is to raise their voice for the chicken so that the next time, it doesn’t land up on a plate (in KFC or anywhere else for that matter).

A group of young volunteers staged a protest against animal abuse outside KFC in Kolkata’s Park Street. They stood outside the fast-food store for hours, holding placards and banners to spread their message and garner support for the “Vegan India Movement”.

What started out on a small scale went viral as posts about the protest began appearing on social media. Soon, the battle lines were drawn and a war of words ensued between the supporters and detractors of the movement.

There were some who called out the protesters for the sake of their zingers, crispies and grilled chicken. After all, Kolkata loves its murgir mangsho and mangsher kobiraji.

However, there were those who were happy with their vegetable biryani (yes, that’s a thing and I am not confusing it with pulao), and said killing animals or birds for the sole purpose of filling tummies cannot be justified.

And while the original Facebook post, which had gone viral, has now been taken down, it has already been re-shared multiple times and is still trending!

Well, there is no end to this debate (at least for now). And while Britain faces a shortage of chicken and KFCs send back their customers, the people of Kolkata have a completely different problem to tackle – “To eat meat, or not to eat meat”.

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