We Need to Protect Our Water Now as We May Not Get a Second Chance

How many of us were sitting in our rooms, working away in our offices, when we witnessed the coronavirus outbreak in China’s Wuhan and went back to work? How many of us laughed at the various videos of people in the US fighting at super markets for toilet paper? No one’s laughing now. That’s how it goes, and our time to get serious about the COVID-19 is now.

Want some other news that will shake you up? The time to get serious about our water crisis might be due a long time ago. The NITI Aayog has given us merely a few years before we as a nation run out of fresh water. And with the mandate to fight the COVID-19 being washing your hands multiple times a day, where does it lead us? What do we do? How do we do it? But more importantly, why do we need to act immediately?

Let us chalk out three simple reasons as to why we can’t afford to have the future we have been warned about.

Firstly, human can last without water for a week.

Let’s look at the short-term repercussions first. We cannot survive without water for more than two to three days. Obviously, it also differs based on the amount of activity, age, health state, as well as the external temperatures and weather, but considering everything is optimum, a week is the maximum one can live without water. If this doesn’t convey the importance of water, nothing will.

Secondly, we as humans haven’t figured out what to do if we have no freshwater.

We haven’t. With all the technological advancements, we have found no way or substance to replace water as such. It is still as integral as it ever was, and as no other alternative to itself. Recycled water from the oceans is an option, but that ends somewhere as well. We are already on the verge of depleting our sources, what is to say we won’t do that with more resources coming our way?

Thirdly, water cannot be created; it can only be saved and recycled.

The one thing that we human beings haven’t figured out how to do, is create water, or recreate the exact structure of a material that can resemble water. We can only receive water through natural means, and it is in our hands as to how we use it, recycle it, store it and save it. All of that needs to be planned and executed by one and all. If that never happens, and we continue down this path, doom awaits us and a future without water is in store.

So there we have it, apart from many other scientific reasons; some of the bare basic reasons why we need to respect water, and become aware and educate ourselves on how we can help avert this crisis. Join initiatives like Harpic News18 Mission Paani among others, a platform that is doing a great job of creating awareness around this cause. Together we can survive and sustain anything and everything. That is what humans do if they work towards it holistically!