Prospective bride from Bengaluru arrested for conning Hyderabad man

Sriparna Ghosh
handcuffed arrested arrest

Women getting duped by men, prospective husbands, fiancés, and even husbands are indeed common and regular news, but this time it was the other way round. A Bengaluru-based woman was arrested on March 22 for duping a Hyderabad resident and her prospective husband of Rs 1,66,500.

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According to the police, the accused woman, Srilatha also known as Susmitha had made a fake account on a matrimonial site. The victim, who was in search for a bridegroom came across her profile in January. As he found the profile suitable and the woman also responded positively, the duo started communicating with each other.

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They had planned to meet each other in February. But after a few days, Srilatha called up the victim and said that she had lost her purse containing passport, debit cards, credit cards and Rs 40,000. She asked him for money, promising to repay after they met.

The victim transferred Rs 1,66,500 to her bank account through Internet. Following the transfer, the accused stopped receiving his calls.

The accused then filed a complaint with the police, who later arrested the con woman from Bangalore.

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International Business Times, India reached out to men's right activists to know their view on harassment reportedly faced by men.

"Crime is crime, it knows no gender. So the amount of punishment being levied on the man should be also on a woman too," said Santosh Patil, founder of the Purush Adhikar Sangh, which aims at promoting men's welfare and preventing abuse of men's rights.

"When we vie for equality in society, it also applies to equal treatment in regard to punishments," added Patil.

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The same point was echoed by yet another men's right activist. "Crime is not gender-specific, So both genders should be given the same treatment when it comes to punishments. Both women and men are vulnerable. But society's fashion is such that women-related issues are given more priority, whereas men are ridiculed and looked at with suspicion", said Kumar Jahgirdar, President of Children's Right Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) NGO.

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