Proposal for Burqa ban in Sri Lanka under discussion

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Colombo [Sri Lanka], March 16 (ANI): The Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka on Tuesday issued a statement on a proposed ban on wearing burqa and niqab in Sri Lanka, saying that the government is yet to impose a ban and a proposal in this regard is being discussed.

In an official release, Sri Lanka Foreign Secretary Admiral Prof. Jayanath Colombage said a decision has not been taken by the Government to impose such a ban and it is merely a proposal, which is under discussion.

"This proposal has been based on the precautionary measures that are needed on national security grounds, following the investigations of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on Easter Sunday attacks," the statement said.

It further said the Sri Lankan government will initiate a broader dialogue with all parties concerned and sufficient time will be taken for necessary consultations to be held and for consensus to be reached.

The wearing of the burqa in the majority-Buddhist nation was temporarily banned back in 2019 following the bombing of churches and hotels by terrorists that killed more than 250 people.

This proposed move follows an order last year making the cremation of COVID-19 victims mandatory, which is against the wishes of Muslims, who bury their dead.

Earlier this month, Switzerland voted in favour of banning full facial coverings including the niqab and burqa in almost all public places. As many as 51.21 per cent of voters voted in support of the controversial proposal in the referendum.

According to CNN, the approval by voters means that facial covering will be banned in all publicly accessible places, including on the streets, in public offices, on public transport, in restaurants, shops and in the countryside. (ANI)