As Property Dispute Rolls Onto 3rd Generation, SC Tries to 'Purchase Peace' Between Brothers


New Delhi: This litigation began in 1963. Fifty-five years on, the second and third generations in the family have carried it forward, finally landing at doorstep of the Supreme Court.

Pained at the acrimony among brothers and unending rounds of cases against each other, the court has now taken it upon itself to "purchase the peace" for the family.

A bench headed by Justice Kurian Joseph is making earnest attempts to bring the warring members together and bury the hatchet.

kurian joseph

Justice Kurian Joseph

What prompted Justice Joseph to intervene beyond legal issues was the fact that three generations of this family from Chhattisgarh appear to have embroiled themselves in bitter battle in courts.

"The litigation between three real brothers has now passed over to second and third generations. It appears, the litigations started in the year 1963-64. Even after 50 years, parties are not able to purchase peace. More painfully, we are informed that the people do not see eye to eye and the relationship has become so strained on account of this property dispute," noted the bench.

Justice Joseph called all the brothers, sisters and cousins to court and interacted with them, trying to help them understand that it is high time they should put out the flames of animosity and settle all issues sitting across the table.

The family agreed to nominate two members from each branch of the family to negotiate as far as the property dispute is concerned. The judge pointed out that they should all start talking to each other and spend some family time together as well.

"It is stated that there are some celebrations in the family. We expect all the members of the family to participate in all the functions and Mr A (name not disclosed to maintain confidentiality in family disputes) will take the necessary initiative," said the bench in its latest order.

The court also lent a suggestion on partitioning the family property and expressed hope they will come back with "peace in their hearts and minds" on the next date of hearing in April.