A promising new edition of Indian poetry in English edited by Abhay K launched


New Delhi, Nov.23 (ANI): A special new edition of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, an internationally acclaimed poetry journal, dedicated to contemporary Indian poetry in English edited by poet Abhay K. brings out new voices of contemporary Indian poetry in English along with the established ones. The XXII issue of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review presents works of thirty contemporary Indian poets and book reviews of two recent poetry books. This is the first special edition of the literary journal that focuses on contemporary Indian poetry in English. The issue promises to be a reference for the lovers of Indian Poetry for years to come. In his editorial to this special edition the editor throws light on the importance of English writing in India-"English occupies a vital place in contemporary India as a link language, as a language of everyday thinking and communication for millions of Indians. As a language enriched with Indian intonations and sensibilities it has evolved into Indian English- Inglish/Hinglish. Over the years India has become the third-largest English-language publisher in the world catering to a large number of readers for whom English is either the first or the second language of communication. More Indians write in English today than ever in the past." Indian poetry in English has a literary tradition which is approximately 200 years old. Indian poets started writing poems in English as early as 1820. As per Pankaj Mishra Indian poetry in English has a longer and more distinguished tradition than Indian fiction in English. Rabindranath Tagore who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913, about a century ago, translated his own poems from Bengali into English. There are many fine poets in the post-independence period who have enriched this literary tradition over the past sixty years. "In this special edition of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review I have tried to give readers a flavour of contemporary Indian poetry in English bringing together the established poets as well as the new voices. I have not included a few obvious names who are part of every other anthology of Indian poetry in English"- said Abhay K at the launch. The Enchanting Verses has been publishing poetry with eminent contributors from all across the globe. It was founded in 2008 by poet Sonnet Mondal who also currently serves as the Chief Editor of the journal. Abhay K is an award-winning poet-diplomat. (ANI)