Prolific author and philosopher John Hairston releases his latest book ‘The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4: A new way of art and culture”

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John Hairston, prolific author and philosopher, recently released the latest book in his collection, The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4: A new way of art and culture. Hairston was inspired to write after noticing the divide between Lutheranism, Calvinism, and modern psychology. He offers fresh insights into integrative polemics and Christian psychologies through the lens of a Chomskian-Kierkergaardian dialect.

The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4 explores modern concepts with the simplicity of Timothy Keller, the insight of Thomas Merton, and the boldness of Huxley. In his work, Hairston expands upon what it means to find community and continue growing. Instead of tolerating toxicity, he advocates for leaving negativity behind and experimenting to find the best possible environment.

Readers of any background can benefit from The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4, but young intellectuals and spiritual or religious people will find Hairston’s work of particular interest. Hairston doesn’t shy away from asking difficult questions and encouraging others to do the same. In this volume, he contemplates the meaning of life in relation to the mind and the cosmos, as well as other questions like whether God loves us.

Hairston hopes that his work will help readers find balance between lack of culture or too much of it. In his exploration of the role of God, he emphasizes the pivotal role of love and challenges traditional norms. The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4 highlights the fact that philosophy and purposeful thought is an ongoing human experience. God is not finished with the cultures of humanity, and today’s thinkers should not be finished with God.

John Hairston is an author, musician, podcaster, teacher, and philosopher who has dedicated his life to the study of cosmic meaning. He can be found online at or listen to his podcast at

The Nature of Mankindë: Volumë 4: A new way of art and culture is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

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