Professorial! New US media term to describe Obama

Washington, Oct. 5 (ANI): Media seems to have found a new word for President Barack Obama after his performance at the presidential debate at Denver - 'Professorial'. Here's how some of the American papers used the word: "But the president failed to respond effectively, drifting into his professorial demeanor and barely attempting to veil his annoyance with Romney," the Huffington Post said. "For his part, Obama was pleasant and professorial, as if he were merely engaged in a ponderous academic discussion, rather than a political grudge match with enormous consequences," the Los Angeles Times said. According to Politico, the New York Times said: "The pundits and prognosticators have spoken. The spinners and spinnees have gone home. President Obama may have sounded a bit too professorial, and Mitt Romney may have come energetic and ready to spar." The Chicago Tribune said that Romney, a former private equity executive, spoke in lists and was more concise than Obama, who has practiced unsuccessfully at tamping down his professorial style. "Romney, however, did himself some favors with crisper answers than Obama, who sounded professorial and a bit long-winded despite his staff's best efforts to get him to give snappier comments," Reuters said. The New York Times editorial wrote: "Obama chose to be polite and professorial, as if hoping that strings of details could hold up against blatant nonsense." "But he seemed tense and defensive at times, and professorial, despite his staff's public urging that he shorten and lighten up his answers during three days of debate prep in a Las Vegas suburb," was POLITICO's take on Obama during the debate. (ANI)