Professor Vipin Gupta launches book 2 of his Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series

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In his new book, ‘What is Present Reality – Power of Managing the Limit of Science’, Dr. Vipin Gupta, shows that energy can have many values and if energy is measured as mc2, its value is zero. Dr. Gupta offers many reasons for this. The most striking is the following: without Einstein as a leader, deriving the measure of e as mc2, the energized mass of followers who believe that energy can have only one value, and are trading the light shown by Einstein at a lightning speed and servicing that to others at a lightning speed, will have zero energy.

In an observation, “Einstein was trading the Western religion-effect for conceiving a God whose emanating creator energy is immanent within the creation mass and is exchanged back and forth by the universe of creatures at a lightning speed.” If God is the originator of all the energy in the universe, and that energy was all serviced at the point of the universe’s creation, then it implies that the energy of any mass created after that is zero. Since scientifically God services no energy now, He is synonymous with the entropy element.

Dr. Gupta’s research, which builds on his first book ‘What is Divine Energy’, shows that science and religion are highly interconnected and that modern science is deeply rooted in the Western doctrine of emanation. In a recent interview, he challenged the fundamental assumptions of science, “Should we believe the scientists who say energy can’t be created? What if we test a hypothesis that no scientist can ever create anything that has energy? In that case, one will only waste energy by reading the scientific theories.” (Quoted and paraphrased from the original interview here:

Professor Gupta eruditely shows that all the major law-like, taken-for-granted, theories and ideas of modern science are potentially flawed. Take, for instance, the law of energy conservation and the idea that energy can’t be created or destroyed, since all the energy was created at the point God created the universe in his image. He observes that a living cell is a unit of energy. Since our physical body creates and destroys cells every moment, we are both the creators and the destroyers of energy.

In ‘What is Present Reality’, the second book in the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series, Dr. Gupta investigates a range of methods for valuing energy, including those based on dynamic cause, consequential reality, and a broad variety of other paradigms. ‘What is Present Reality’ is grounded in ancient Indian culture, which demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond traditional Western findings when addressing divinity, spirituality, or the universe as a whole.

‘What is Present Reality’, available in ebook and print forms on Amazon and broadly, is bound to revolutionize modern science as well as metaphysics. Paige Lovitt at Reader Views, notes The knowledge that I gained from reading this book helped me realize that if my present reality is created by my past realities and influenced by my cultural conditioning, I can help create my future reality by utilizing the information that is being presented now that I am aware of it. Dr. Gupta is helping us wake up so that we open our eyes and see our reality.” She further adds, “When I read Dr. Gupta’s writings, he makes me feel like he has tapped into this incredible source of knowledge and he is surfing along on waves of the energy emanating from it as he is reaching out to help his readers connect to it.”

Dr. Vipin Gupta (; is a professor of sensible management and appropriate science at California State University San Bernardino.

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