Product reviews; Rus Organics: Say cheers

Honest confession: we twisted open a bottle of Rus Organics’ Blush Pomegranate, and glugged it down to the last fresh, sweet, tasty drop. Adding to the warm glow of wellness is the knowledge that Rus Organics is all about fresh and organic fruits and veggies, cold-pressed to create nutritious juices that are undeniably delicious.

The founder, Ujvala Vemparala works directly with various farmers in India and the juices are clean and certified organic with no pesticides, chemicals or GMOs. They also go through a very rigorous process of testing.

So, go ahead then, stock up on your faves from amongst their vast range, whether the fruit and veggie juices, shakes, boosters, smoothies or nut milks. Available at Nature’s Basket, Big Basket, Wellness Forever Pharmacies, JW Marriott, 90 retail stores pan India at Rs 150 onwards.

Asahi Kasei: Cook easy

We love how the Japanese bring innovative technology into the average person’s daily life. Asahi Kasei products, in use in Japan for 50 years, will add that edge to both cooking and baking. The Premium Wrap comes with PVDC Cling film, which keeps food fresh for longer and prevents moisture and smells from seeping through-whether seafood or roti dough.

What we are really liking is the Frying Pan Foil which enables you to simply place a sheet of foil on the pan and start cooking. Since it is coated with silicone on one side which prevents food from sticking to the foil, it reduces the use of oil and means less messy pans too.

The Cooking Sheet, which can be used for baking in the microwave oven and traditional ovens, comes coated with silicone on both sides — so no more dirty pans. Priced affordably at Rs 179 onwards.

— Reviewed by Nichola Pais