Product Reviews

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Lotion and Skin

Jeju cherry blossom sourced from the island of Jeju is a potent beauty ingredient that has made its way into Innisfree’s latest range. The leaf extract is known to lend a bright glow to your skin. The directions on the box indicate that post cleansing, the Skin should be applied to the face followed by the Lotion (Rs.1200).

Both the products are extremely light-weight and quickly absorb into the skin. Within a couple of weeks, there is a noticeable difference, given that the products keep the skin hydrated as well. Not to mention the adorable packaging it comes in. For healthy, clear skin, this range is a good choice as the dry winter approaches.

Bio Gotu Kola

Biotique’s new Ayurvedic range is power packed with ingredients that have healing properties. The Gotu Kola moisturising lotion (Rs.180) contains extracts of the 'Wonder Herb' Gotu Kol, which nourishes dry skin, keeping it supple and soft. We liked the light fragrance it emits as well and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky. Rich oils like Sunflower and Mahuva are added that prevent the skin from drying out.

Dr Vaidya’s New Age Ayurveda

We opened our little cloth pouch of Dr Vaidya’s goodies with some interest. First up, is a packet of Chakaash (Rs.200 for two packs), a toffee made with the goodness of Chyawanprash, which doubles up as a health supplement. Quite a clever and yes, tasty way of bringing one of Ayurveda’s oldest formulations for the next generation.

Next we unwrapped Sung Ho (Rs.100), an Ayurvedic inhaler made with 16 herbs and oil combination which helps banish congestion and sinus. We are rather addicted to its scent already! We are yet to pop the Herbofit (Rs.360 for two packs) capsules which are said to combine the benefits of chyawanprash for immunity and also boost energy, but it might be just the thing to deal with the city’s increasing smog and pollution.

Last up, Herbocharm, a herbal face pack that is free from chemicals, which assures clean and clear skin (Rs.300 for two packs). Now that’s a promise we cannot resist!