Producers' Association Requests Members to Clear Unpaid Dues of Employees and Artists

Amid various reports and social media posts doing the rounds that some actors and crew employed on TV shows and other projects have their dues pending with their respective production houses, The Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association (IMPPA) has issued an official statement in the matter urging its members to clear all pending dues of employees, workers, technicians and artists working with them.

The official statement issued in the matter reads: "As all members are aware that the situation of workers, technicians and who have not yet been paid the dues for their working for our members has become very serious due to the further extension of the lockdown by the government."

"We are also aware that our members are having liquidity crunch and are facing difficulties but on humanitarian ground we request all our members who have taken work from any of their employees, workers, artists and technicians for any of their productions to clear their dues as much as possible as they are more vulnerable in these trying times and to ensure that they enough money to fulfill their daily needs."

"All the members are requested to do the needful and pay their dues to their employees, workers, artists and technicians as soon as possible to enable them to sustain with dignity in these difficult times."

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