Procession celebrating communal harmony in Guwahati

Presenting a great example of communal harmony and wishing for peace and brotherhood among the communities, Anjuman-Millat-e-Islamia, a religious group organized a rally in the Guwahati city of Assam. The procession was taken out to celebrate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad and wishing for peace and religious communion across the globe. Spreading a message of communal coexistence and unity among the people a peace procession was carried out in Guwahati city of Assam. The procession carried out by Anjuman-Millat-e-Islamia was attended by several people coming from different religious communities. The rally was taken out from Haji Musafir Khana via Ambari to the fancy bazaar in Guwahati city. Serving as a vehicle of unity, India beholds an ocean of shared cultural and spiritual values. Events like these develop mutual tolerance, understanding of each other's cultural traditions and beliefs contributing to the development of a peaceful and harmonious society.