‘He’s probably out there’: Father after hearing dead son’s heartbeat in organ recipient’s chest

father hears dead son's heartbeat

In the clip 1.11-minute viral clip, an emotional Jordan can be seen pressing the stethoscope to his ears as Russ holds the other end to her heart.

For Jordan Spahn, it was an emotional moment. He was listening to the heartbeat of his son who had died in a tragic accident years ago.

Matthew Spahn, from Brenham in Texas, was killed after a vehicle crashed into him. Being an organ donor, Matthew's organs were donated to five other people in need.  His heart matched a 54-year-old Kristi Richard Russ, who underwent a transplant after she suffered a heart attack, the DailyMail reported.

Following the operation, Matthew's father, Jordan and his wife Summer Mossbarger met Russ and was able to hear their son's heartbeat again inside the lady's chest.

"Jordan Spahn and I got to have a very special meeting with a very special lady. I'm not sure how many know that Matthew Spahn was an organ donor and he was able to save 5 lives with 7 organs and countless others with skin and tissue." Mossbarger, who shared the heartwarming interaction between the families wrote in a Facebook post.

"Kristi Richard Russ was the recipient of Matthews's heart and she is such a sweet, grateful woman that is truly so thankful for the gift of life Matthew gave. If you aren't an organ donor I ask that you consider the gift of life," she added.

In a one-minute-long video clip, which went viral, an emotional Jordan can be seen pressing the stethoscope to his ears while Russ holds the other end to her heart. "You know, I heard his heart beating for ten days straight. On the monitor, just watching it," Jordan says in the clip while referring to the time his son spent in the hospital before he died.

Since being shared online, the post has gone viral and flooded with netizens responding to the post.