Pro-monarchy protesters hit streets in Kathmandu as political crisis deepens

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Thousands hit street in Kathmandu demanding constitutional monarchy, as political crisis deepens   (Photo/ANI)
Thousands hit street in Kathmandu demanding constitutional monarchy, as political crisis deepens (Photo/ANI)

Kathmandu [Nepal], January 2 (ANI): Thousands of pro-monarchy demonstrators took to the streets of Kathmandu on Friday demanding the reinstatement of Nepal's status as a constitutional monarchy at a time where the political crisis in the Himalayan Nation is deepening further.

Organised by the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, Friday's demonstrations witnessed thousands of pro-monarchy supporters across various locations of the capital playing traditional musical instruments and chanting anti-federalism and anti-government slogans.

They also demanded that the incumbent political system be scrapped, blaming politicians in power failing to cater to the need of the people in current times. Protesters claimed that a Monarchy is the only way that would and can fix the current prevailing issues.

"The communist government has completely failed in this nation; this government also couldn't work well despite the federal structure and the country is in crisis because of it. In order to save the nation, we are demanding for a Hindu-state and reinstatement of a Monarchy," Gomba Ghale, one of the protestors told ANI.

The political crisis in the Himalayan Nation again has deepened since December 20 after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli dissolved the lower house in the parliament. The latest move to the dissolute lower house has invited protest from within the ruling Nepal Communist Party which now has been seen as two factions and both are fighting for authenticity.

Though now caretaker Prime Minister Oli has called on for election later in April and May, doubts are running high whether it would be able to conduct it on the stipulated date. With the country in chaos, pro-monarchy forces also have come forward with their demands.

Pro-monarchy protests have increased in the Nepali capital in recent times, a large scale protest similar to that of Friday or 1st January 2021 was held earlier on December 5.

Nepal's newly adopted Constitution in 2015 has mentioned the Himalayan Nation as a "Secular State" which participants in such pre-advertised rally are demanding to be scrapped off.

"We want Monarchy- an impartial force in the nation along with the status of Hindu State. A wide variety of programs has been scheduled and today's demonstration falls on that list. The Rashtriya Janata Party has called on a wide range of programs with the demand of reinstating constitutional monarchy, scrapping of federalism and secular state," another protestor Rudra Prasad Dhakal said.

Nepal has transitioned into a federal democratic republic after the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015. (ANI)