As Priyanka Gandhi visits Ravidas temple, Mayawati hits out at Cong and BJP

Maulshree Seth
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Priyanka takes part in a langar at Ravidas Janamsthan Mandir in Varanasi, Sunday. (Express Photo by Anand Singh)

As Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday visited Varanasi to offer prayers at Sant Ravidas Temple on the occasion of his birth anniversary, BSP chief Mayawati warned people to be “cautious” of parties like Congress and BJP, who according to her neglected Ravidas when they were in power.

Priyanka, who took part in a langar (community kitchen) and had food, before taking out a roadshow in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency, said that there was need to reach out to the masses with the words of Ravidas at a time when there is widespread hatred and violence in the society.

Priyanka also told the gathering that Ravidas used to say that “Ram” and “Rahim” are one.

Meanwhile, criticising Congress and BJP, Mayawati said that once her party comes back to power again, she would again rename “Bhadohi district” as Sant Ravidas Nagar as she had done in the past.

“The Congress, BJP, wah anya partiyan, yahan Uttar Pradesh mein apni sarkar ke chalte Sant Guru Ravidas ji ko kabhi bhi maan samman nahi deti hain, lekin satta se bahar hone par fhir se apne swartha mein inke mandiron, sthalon adi mein jakar kisma-kisma ki natakbaji jaroor karti hai, inse satarke rahe” (The Congress, BJP and other parties, whenever in power, their government never give due respect to Sant Guru Ravidas . But when they are out of power then they visit his temples and places associated with him for their personal gains. Be cautious of them), tweeted Mayawati.

She further claimed that the BSP is the only party, which gave Ravidas “true respect” at different level, when it was in power.

Later in the day, in an official statement, BSP chief talked about the initiatives taken in the name of Sant Ravidas during her government in the state, including the naming of Bhadohi district as Sant Ravidas Nagar, establishing a park and a ghat in his name in Varanasi, establishing a college named after him in Faizabad among others.

She said that once her party comes back to power, she would again change the name of Bhadohi district to Sant Ravidas Nagar. It may be mentioned that the name was changed back to Bhadohi during Samajwadi Party rule in 2014 when Akhilesh Yadav was the chief minister of the state.

In Varanasi, Priyanka said that it was message of Ravidas that there should be no difference on the lines of religion or caste and that everyone is given respect.

She further said, “Apni vaani mein kehte they, Ram aur Rahim ek hai.. hum sab ek hi iswar ka ansh hai..” (He used to say in his words that Ram and Rahim are one. We are all elements of one god).”