Priyanka Gandhi Vadra responds to 'No deaths due to shortage of oxygen' claim by the centre

'No deaths happened due to shortage of oxygen: government' The deaths happened because during the pandemic the government increased oxygen export by 700% and because there were no arrangements made for the tankers in order to transport oxygen. This tweet by Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra came shortly after Dr. Bharti Praveen Pawar, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, stated in parliament that during the second wave of Covid-19, there were no deaths due to a lack of oxygen as reported by states and union territories. This statement from the MOS stirred a storm and the Congress party has questioned the Modi government as to why oxygen supplies were increased, why hospitals were sending out emergencies, and why, despite reports of death from numerous media outlets, the government has ignored the fact that there were deaths due to a lack of oxygen. The Congress leader put on allegations that by living in denial is the government still not prepared to combat the third wave which is most likely to hit the country in the month of September

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