Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Gift Registry Explained For A Desi Bride

Crystal showpiece anyone? How about an ugly gold rimmed dinner set that you hide away for the rest of your married life.

Well that’s what most new brides usually get stuck with when we get married in India, but no, not Priyanka Chopra. She has done what all American Brides to be do - which is set up a “Gift Registry’’ where you tell your family and friends what you actually want to receive as a wedding gift. Something to think about for you wedding? This way you get to have the things she really want in your life and home and not that a cupboard full of gifts to recycle.

So here’s how a “gift registry’’ works. Pick a store where you can find things you would love to have, in a budget that is reasonable for friends and family. Tell your friends and family about it. The store meanwhile will open a ‘Gift Registry’ for you where anyone coming to the store will get to see what it is that you want, what is still available and what has already been purchased. ( Usually the more affordable things get picked up first.)

If you want things from several brands, you can go do what Priyanka Chopra did which is go to a big online distributor.

We took a peek into Pee Cee’s registry, because it tells you a thing or two about what she likes, and then we go off and make our own wishlist.

A few of Bride To Be Priyanka’s favourite items included...A pink dog collar

Priyanka chooses this for her pet

A furry throw pillow

Priyanka’s fluffy throw pillow in her wedding gift regisry

A vinyl LP player

Retro music, retro grooves a pretty cool wedding present

Roller blades for her active outdoor life

Roller blades for Priyanka Chopra’s active outdoor life

Stationery cycle for her active indoor life

For indoor action

So while Priyanka has chosen things that will fit her California life we suggest some ideas for a Desi Girl getting married and living in India.

How about a couch that is both his and hers and not one inherited from his bachelor days?

Wall paper, or cushions or a couch, why not get your wedding guests to get it for you

Cocktail glasses and Beer glasses for all the parties you will be throwing and the plates and table cloths you really want

Curtains of your dreams and also the kind of crazy throw pillows that feel like too much of splash to buy

Pillows of your choice than a tea set you wish would break

Really nice dining table and chairs...and here your family friends can actually pool in to get the gift for you as they will be the ones sitting at the table when they drop in

Some new books for your bookshelves

How about a holiday together somewhere, massages or plane tickets, cooking lessons, adventure holidays

The gift ideas you can gift yourself via others, are endless...

Goodbye uncool photo frames and hello stylish new home paid for by your wedding guests..

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