Priyanka Chopra once trolled for her 15 august Independence Day Post

Priyanka Chopra has many times made it clear that even though she is working in the US and has now become the wife of an American man, but her heart is settled in India. She also expresses this sentiment through her social media accounts. However, once he did it became a problem for him and it all happened due to his scarf and look.In this photo, Priyanka was seen wearing a deep cut white sleeveless top and high vest denim jeans. With this, he wrapped a tricolor scarf on the neck. He also raised the dupatta with one hand to highlight it further. Through this picture, Priyanka wrote to everyone wishing for Independence Day that her heart dwells in India.Although there was nothing wrong in this photo, but the trollers did not spare it and they had several negative comments one after the other. While trolling the actress in a tremendous way. In fact, he objected that Priyanka wrapped a flag colored cloth around her neck. He described it as an "insult" to the tricolor. On this basis, the users criticized him strongly.