Priyanka Chopra Gave Nick Jonas the Most Intricate Birthday Surprise

Chelsey Sanchez
Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

  • Nick Jonas just turned 27 years old, and Priyanka Chopra had some special surprises in store for him.
  • According to a tweet posted by Nick, Chopra reserved Chicago's Soldier Field for a private game of touch football between family members and close friends.
  • Chopra also gushed over Nick in a sweet Instagram post on Monday.

Elaborate birthday celebrations have become something of a family tradition for the Jonas clan. There was Sophie Turner's mid-concert, onstage birthday cake surprise for hubby Joe Jonas. And then, Joe's subsequent James Bond-themed fete, which Turner also organized.

Now, Priyanka Chopra has hit it out of the ballpark (or, perhaps more fittingly, scored a touchdown) with her surprise for Nick Jonas's 27th birthday.

According to a tweet from Nick, Chopra organized a surprise game of touch football with some of the pop star's closest friends and family members … in a literal football stadium. Yes, Chopra essentially reserved a private game of touch football in Chicago's Soldier Field. Step up your game, ladies.

Nick wrote, "My beautiful wife surprised me with a touch football game with some of my closest friends and family on the one and only Soldier Field in Chicago (!!!) followed by a few hours of Topgolf, and then a party where pizza, tequila, cake, and cigars were involved."

The cutest part of the surprise? The couple also donned matching jerseys as they walked out onto the field. While the back of the singer's jersey simply read, "Nick," Chopra's jersey was labeled with "The Wife."

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