Prince William & Kate Virtually Visit School of Essential Workers’ Children Amid Lockdown

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Prince William and Kate Middleton have several official royal duties to attend to throughout the year.

Due to the ongoing health crisis, everyone has been confined to their homes and the royal pair has taken to virtual ways to commit to their duties. Recently William and Kate virtually visited a school for the children of essential workers to boost their morale.

Speaking from their home in Norfolk, the Duke and Duchess called up Casterton Primary Academy in Burnley. Through the video call, both talked to the teachers and students, along with extending gratitude for the services the teachers were fulfilling.

The interaction was uploaded on the official Instagram handle of the Kensington Royals.

During the interaction, some kids showed their drawings to William and Kate, where they had drawn their parents, who were currently working in any essential field.

The royals were quite relaxed and spoke with the kids comfortably. Kate said it was not “easy circumstances” but the teachers and staff working with dedication was “fantastic”.

“The normality is there for them and they’ve got the structure and they’ve got a safe place for them to be,” Catherine added.

The children came out wearing bunny ears, seeing which the Duchess said she wished she had those as well. Apart from wishing the children a happy Easter, the pair also discussed the challenges that the teachers were facing at the time of crisis.