Prince William Can't Stop Blushing In Photo With Speedo-Clad Rugby Player

Carly Ledbetter

Prince Williamis used to greeting people all day long. But most of the time, they’re not wearing Speedos. 

The Duke of Cambridge recently met Speedo-clad rugby player Kurtley Beale while attending a rugby match between Wales and Australia over the weekend. Prince William visited Australia’s locker rooms after the game and snapped a photo with Beale.

The rugby player, who was also shirtless and holding a beer during the encounter, posted his photo with a blushing Prince William on Instagram. 

″When you rock up to the party feeling a little over dressed,” Beale captioned the hilarious picture.

Beale later explained his hilarious getup while meeting the Duke of Cambridge in an interview with SkySports. 

“I just came from the recover room ― our recovery ice baths ― and I love playing in mybudgie smugglers[Australian slang for Speedo-type swimwear]. They were the last things that I was wearing,” Beale said. “I just happened to just be taking it easy.” 

Social media users loved the hilarious picture and former NBA playerShaquille O’Nealeven got in on the fun. 

“It was a pleasure meeting you prince William,” O’Neal captioned the edited picture he posted.

Beale joked that he’s going to send Prince William a similar Speedo for a Christmas present. 

“I asked him if he wanted the ones that I had on,” the rugby player said. “But I’m sure we’re going to be able to organize something, a pair, if he wants some for Christmas.”

Seeing as Prince Williamused to play water polo in college― and often wore a Speedo ― we’re sure he’d love to add the swimsuit to his collection. 

Prince William watches with teammates while making his water polo debut for the Scottish national universities' squad in the annual Celtic Nations tournament against Wales and Ireland in Cardiff in 2004.
Watching the game. 
Getting some pool action.