Prince Harry to serve in Afghanistan for 3rd time

London, Jan 20 (ANI): Prince Harry is set to return to action in Afghanistan for a third time, according to reports.

The royal Apache gunship ace is due home in the next few weeks after his latest four-month tour in Helmand province.

Now Ministry of Defence top brass are mulling over whether to send him out again for another go at the enemy, the Daily Star reported.

During his latest tour of duty the 28-year-old prince has fired Hellfire missiles at the Taliban and flown daily missions protecting British ground troops.

Defence planners are working on detailed strategies to cover the withdrawal of troops who will need Apache protection.

Apache crews may have to serve longer than many ground units to protect British and Afghan troops during the handover to local control.

A Whitehall defence official said that Harry has been earmarked for possible recall.

Since Harry and his outfit have been very good out there, and are now highly experienced, they are sure to be called on again, the official said.

The insider believes that he could be back in Afghanistan as early as next year. (ANI)