Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wax figures pose around Canada in creepy Instagram account

Margaret Abrams

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are basically Canadians, people are hoping to spot them in the wild. And while it might be tricky to actually run into them, a new Instagram account is making it more than possible to keep up with their wax figures' whereabouts.

Unfortunately, like most wax figures (remember that unforgettable Beyonce one?) these figurines don't exactly look like their Royal counterparts.

Instead, they seem to vaguely imagine the Royals - like someone drawing a person from memory without actually looking at them at all.

Prince Harry and Meghan (AFP via Getty Images)

At the moment, the account only has a little more than 1,000 followers, but the number is sure to grow as everyone's favorite Canadians take the city by storm.

The Instagram is Royals Take The 6, which is reminiscent of Drake's ode to Toronto, '6 God.' The 6 is a nickname for Toronto - but it's entirely possible Drake has some competition for the title now.

The figures first appeared one day ago with a shot from underneath them, which is notoriously unflattering - just think about how you look in a front-facing camera.

But the next shot proved that it wasn't just the angle that was unflattering - the figurines (or the CGI, it's unclear as they could be pulling a Lil Miquela) don't exactly resemble their regal counterparts.

One commenter wrote, "Please change Prince Harry's face. He looks awful. He is a very handsome prince."

So far, the Royals have visited Toronto City Hall, a brewery and the CN Tower, hitting some major tourist destinations.

Perhaps if the Duke and Duchess don't actually become influencers (which would be extremely lucrative), this account's couple can instead.

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