Prince Harry to host Rugby World Cup 2021 at Buckingham Palace

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 16 (ANI): Almost a week after announcing his step-back from the royal duties, UK's Prince Harry on Thursday returned to work for the first time. In his first engagement with the Royal Family since the announcement of step-back, Prince Harry will host the Rugby League World Cup 2021 draw which will be held at the Buckingham Palace. On the personal front, Harry has released two video statements on the mental health and Invictus Games. In the first video he introduced a new initiative to campaign the importance of mental health for rugby players and in the other one, he launched the next leg of the Invictus Games, especially for wounded service personnel. The event will take place in 2022 in Dusseldorf. According to Fox News, the prince after a high level summit brokered a deal that determined that there will be a period of transition for managing the crisis situation of being a part-time royal. (ANI)

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