Prince Azim Dies: Son of Brunei Sultan No More, Seven-Day Mourning Announced in Country

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New Delhi, October 26: Prince of Azim, son of Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, was confirmed dead by officials of the totalitarian country. The cause of death was not officially revealed. A seven-day mourning was announced in Brunei, beginning from Saturday when the funeral was held. Foreign embassies based in Bandar Seri Begawan extended condolences to the Royal family.

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Azim, aged 38, was the fourth in line to inherit the throne of kingdom in Brunei. He was the second son of the Sultan, and was known for spending a significant time of his life in the United States. Brunei Known For Stern Punishments, Gay Sex and Adultery Punishable by Stoning To Death.

The Prince had earned a reputation of throwing lavish parties, where top Hollywood celebrities including the likes of Pamela Anderson used to be in attendance. He has produced a number of noticeable movies, including You're Not You starring Hilary Swank in 2014.

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Azim had succeeded in building a part-time career in the Hollywood, despite global criticism over the "tough punishments" executed under his father's regime in Brunei. He was also known for charitable work in countries of Southeast Asia.

On the Prince's demise, leaders of neighbouring countries paid their final tributes. "Prince Azim was known for his kind and generous spirit, and for his dedication to charitable, educational, and youth causes," said Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. The Indonesian Embassy, in a statement issued on Sunday, said he would "always be remembered fondly".