Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at BJP HQ; Greeted by JP Nadda, Bhupender Yadav & Arun Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived at BJP headquarters as NDA has won the Bihar elections with 125 seats. Times Now brings to you the first visuals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was greeted by various senior leaders of the Bhartiya Janata Party. He was also greeted by Bhartiya Janata Party President JP Nadda, Bhupender Yadav, and the in-charge of the Bhartiya Janata Party headquarters Arun Singh on stage along with the leaders. Today, an acknowledgment was witnessed, the fight was made into a battle by the Prime Modi Narendra Modi, the figures do explain, the way in which the polling took place. The manner in which the Bhartiya Janata Party has gained seats and the NDA has gained seats in Bihar, it talks a lot about how people recognise the political parties.