Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses in Lok Sabha amidst farm laws protest | Full Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha amidst the massive farmer protests that are going on in the National Capital that have gained massive momentum from international borders. The Opposition created a ruckus during Prime Minister's speech in Lok Sabha.

'Farmers are being misled by politicians. New farm laws will only benefit the farmers, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaker Om Birla attempted to pacify the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also stated that no mandi has been shut. MSP remains as it is, procurement also continues. He further added that the Opposition should debate on the content and intent of the laws.

‘No one is forcing the farmers to sell their produce outside the mandis. It is completely optional', explained Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid uproar by Opposition in Lok Sabha.

He also added that ‘We respect the protesting farmers. Farmers are being misled. Discuss the content and intent of laws. Watch the video to know more!