Price rise: Delhi Mahila Cong workers meet BJP MPs, present them potatoes, onions as Diwali gift

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New Delhi, Nov 13 (PTI) Leaders and workers of Delhi Mahila Congress led by its chief Amrita Dhawan met BJP MPs Manoj Tiwari and Gautam Gambhir on Friday and presented them potatoes, onions and tomatoes as Diwali gift, while urging them to help homemakers who were struggling with the rise in prices of essential commodities.

The delegation also handed over a memorandum to Tiwari and Gambhir, urging the Narendra Modi government to control inflation and prices to bring vegetables and other daily use items within the reach of the common man.

Dhawan said due to the growing recession, unemployment and mismanaged policies of the government during the COVID-19 pandemic, essential items have gone out of reach of ordinary people.

With these meetings, Mahila Congress wanted to draw the attention of the government to help people hit by price rise of food items and other essentials of daily use, she said.

'The price of potatoes and onions rose close to 150 per cent and tomatoes by 50 per cent. It is astonishing that in just one month, prices of these three vegetable doubled,' she claimed.

Tiwari, who met the Mahila Congress delegation, said his doors are open for everyone, including opposition leaders.

'Narendra Modi government is continuously working for the poor and common man. Congress only did lip service without doing anything for them and now its leaders are behaving as though price rise never occurred when their party was in government,' Tiwari said.

An aide of East Delhi MP Gautam Gambir said Dhawan and other Mahila Congress leaders met him.

The BJP and its leaders have a high degree of respect for women even if they belong to opposition parties. Gambhir met Dhawan and her companions and assured them that their views will be sympathetically considered by him, the aide said. PTI VIT TDS TDS