Will the price of Airfares rise due to the rise in petrol prices? | Frankly Speaking

Today's episode of Frankly Speaking features Navika Kumar in conversation with Hardeep Singh Puri. Hardeep Singh Puri, Urban Affairs Minister, tells Navika about the hype in the Petrol prices. The country is dealing with a significant health crisis, and the petrol prices are rising every day. It is ironic how the petrol prices have reached Rs.100 per/L. Navika Kumar asked if a similar rise would be noticed in the price of Air Fares as well. Hardeep Singh Puri replied by assuring the anchor and audience of no spiralling in the airfares, in the operation of the aircraft, 35% plus comes from the cost of aviation turbine fuel. Therefore, the airports and the aircraft sector is seeing a central lower band of the tickets, and the prices are increased only by 10-12%.