Previous rule overturned, live-in couples can now adopt kids

Shalini Ojha

Previous rule overturned, live-in couples can now adopt kids

22 Sep 2018: Previous rule overturned, live-in couples can now adopt kids

Providing a huge relief to live-in couples, the Child Adoption Regulatory Authority (CARA) has allowed them to adopt kids, overturning an earlier circular issued in May '18.

The country's nodal adoption agency had disallowed live-in partners from adopting saying a child needs to grow in a stable family and "individuals in a live-in relationship cannot be considered as a stable family".

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Looking back: Live-in relationship isn't considered stable in India, it was argued

A single woman in India can adopt a child, a man can only adopt boys, and couples having a stable marriage for at least two years can adopt a kid.

As part of May circular, adoption of kids by live-in partners was prohibited.

About this, CARA's CEO Lt. Col. Deepak Kumar had argued a live-in relationship wasn't considered stable in India.

Fact: However, Supreme Court had said live-in relationships aren't a sin

Notably, the earlier circular was in sharp contradiction with the Supreme Court's stand on live-in relationships. Earlier, this year the apex court said consenting adults can live together even without marriage, and said legislature recognized these relationships under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act's provisions.

Details: Official explains what led to decision change

Fortunately, CARA overturned its previous ruling at the steering committee meeting chaired by RK Shrivastava, Secretary of WCD Ministry.

He said, "We have decided to withdraw the circular and applications from prospective adoptive parents will be examined on a case-by-case basis."

This will affect both domestic and international applicants.

Notably, applicants need to be financially, mentally and physically stable to raise a child.