Previous governments drafted Budget with eye on vote bank: Modi

Siddhant Pandey
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Previous governments drafted Budget with eye on vote bank: Modi
Previous governments drafted Budget with eye on vote bank: Modi

04 Feb 2021: Previous governments drafted Budget with eye on vote bank: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday criticized previous governments for drafting the Union Budget with an eye on the vote bank.

Modi was addressing an inauguration event for the historic Chauri Chaura incident, a landmark event in the country's fight for Independence.

He also released a postage stamp to mark the beginning of the centenary celebrations.

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Announcement: 'Budget was turned into account for vote bank'

PM Modi said, "For decades, the meaning of Budget in our country was only restricted to what announcements have been made on whose name. The Budget was turned into an account for the vote bank."

"You all make an account of household expenditure by keeping in mind present needs and future responsibilities," he said, adding that earlier governments made announcements they could not fulfill.

Chauri Chaura: What was the Chauri Chaura incident?

In 1922, a group of freedom fighters participating in Mahatma Gandhi's non-cooperation movement was fired upon by the police.

The protesters then set fire to the Chauri Chaura Police station, killing many of its occupants.

Thereafter, Gandhi called off the movement due to the violence.

Six of the 228 protesters who were put on trial died during it.

Fact: Death sentences for 19 convicts were confirmed by Allahabad HC

172 protesters were ordered to be hanged to death and the remaining were sentenced to long-term imprisonments after an eight-month trial. In April 1923, the Allahabad High Court confirmed the death sentences for 19 convicts, and life imprisonments, and long jail terms to others.

Other details: Descendants of those involved in Chauri Chaura incident honored

At Thursday's event, 99 people, who are descendants of those involved in the Chauri Chaura incident were honored.

Kamla Prasad of Dumri Khurd, a grandson of Chinugi who was sent to the Cellular Jail in Port Blair, was quoted as saying by PTI, "I am happy that we are getting the honor and the country will know us from tomorrow."

Fact: Chauri Chaura centenary celebrations to continue for a year

The centenary celebrations of the Chauri Chaura incident began on Thursday in all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh. 'Prabhat Pheris' (early morning rounds) and other programs will continue till February 4, 2022. The site of the incident is also being developed as a tourist spot.