Press Release: IIFW Season 3 “IIFW NXT - The Intimate FashionTour”

Press Release:

IIFW Season 3 Adds Another Feather To Its Cap With “IIFW NXT - The Intimate Fashion Tour”

- India Intimate Fashion Week National Tour kickstarts from Pune

- 8-city tour, to take place in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on

- French lingerie & beachwear brand ‘AUBADE’ launched during the event

With two successful seasons, India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW), India’s only fashion week dedicated to lingerie and intimate wear is all set to add another feather to its cap with its upcoming “"IIFW NXT - The Intimate Fashion Tour” held recently at “CULT House” , one of the best luxury nightclub in Pune.

On the occasion of IIFW turning 3, this year, it has also conceptualized "IIFW NXT - The Intimate Fashion Tour” to make it even bigger and better. IIFW NXT is generated with the intent of creating awareness on plus size, queer fashion, and personal hygiene. The aim is jeered towards busting the taboo around intimate fashion and personal hygiene.

IIFW proudly introduced the famous French lingerie and beachwear brand, ‘AUBADE’ which joins hands with IIFW & its business subsidiary Candy Shop (India), to enter & expand their footprints in the country, by bringing in 25 international lingerie brands to India. This will also give lingerie sales to take to the e-commerce route.

"“We are glad & happy to introduce our lines in the wonderful Indian Market. It is such an opportunity to share the great IIFW platform and its marvellous team. We have been talking for couple of months for this launch so now it is big excitement to finally start. For us India is the future with a market incomplete expansion. I am proud to be part of this future for all the happiness we can offer. Please receive all our precious & seductive regards.”" - Mr Gregory GoHILL, Aubade’s Country Head & CEO

“The Autumn-Winter 2019/20 Aubade collection Aubade revisits Art Nouveau for the 2019/20 Autumn-Winter season, Aubade is celebrating strong women. Confident and determined, the Aubade women are blending independence with femininity in reminiscence of strong historical personalities, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Mata Hari and Isadora Duncan. These modern, free and sensual women are true muses for Aubade. For these women, Aubade has developed a collection of delicate lingerie, which combines comfort and airiness, lace and embroidery. With these floral and plant-based inspirations, Aubade’s Autumn-Winter 2019/20 collection is inspired by Art Nouveau, drawing on its gracious curves that blend sensuality and modernity, freedom and romance,” he further added.

Jaipur based designer duo Chhail & Malyaj who presented their beach wear line ‘ABHISAR’ during the show focused on showcasing Indian cultural elements to the fullest. The crafts involved in this collection include hand-knitting, knotting, embroidery, appliqué work and more. The palette involves the use of vibrant yellows and peaches, coupled with cool shades of mauve, Indigo and sea green. They’ve incorporated the use of textiles such as cotton-silk, kota-doria and silk. The use of dying techniques such as solid dyes, tie-n-dye, folding and clamping are emphasized upon. IIFW NXT also introduced the talented next-gen designer, Simran Dhond, from NIFT Bangalore. Simran has invested heavily on creativity and research to procure a collection that can stir audiences.

Talking about her collection, Simran says, “Growing up I have always been fascinated with the mythical tales of goddesses who were revered across the globe for their wit, beauty, ferocity and generosity. These ethereal goddesses inspired me to become feminine yet strong, timid yet tenacious. A vessel of unbridled passion, maternal love, virginal innocence and possession of unimaginable power, these goddesses are the perfect role model for every women. Inspired by the concept of Devi Sringara which talks about the connection between an individual and the goddess, The collection focuses on the details and elements that are inspired from what any individual connects with when he or she thinks about “Devi”, like the “Shank”, “Trishul”, “Lotus”, drapes, the pallu and ornaments. Details and silhouettes have been derived from sculptures, paintings, pictures and the Amar Chitrakatha books. The accessories have been created especially for this collection. Presenting to you, Kaafi Amorous, an intimate wear Collection, showcasing lingerie and Sleepwear.”

“I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of IIFW NXT as a Gen-Next designer. This opportunity is a huge one and I am utterly grateful to be given this privilege. Being an intimate wear designer, I have been avidly following India Intimate Fashion Week for a while now and was interested in being a part of this organisation in any way possible. When I heard about the opening for Gen Next designers, I was thrilled, as I plan on pursuing my further studies in Intimate wear, I am positive this platform will offer me an unparalleled experience and a journey to remember,” she further added.

IIFW celebrates this new milestone by joining hands with the CULT house. The CULT House is a high end, luxury nightclub in Pune. On association with IIFW Rishabh Baweja, Co- Owner, CULT House says, “I’m really excited for this night and I am sure the Venue like Cult will make this show more Glamorous and Exciting to watch. We are really looking for an amazing event with IIFW.

Breaking all the barriers the event focuses on ‘Boo the Taboo’, which has now become and emergent trend in the Indian Fashion Week. Mr. Niraj Jawanjal, Founder and Chief Ideator of India Intimate Fashion Week, states, “Our endevours are and would always focus on kicking the taboo off on the matters of lingerie, personal hygiene and such related issues. We are also going to focus big time on education related to intimate fashion & have also taken initiatives about it, which would be announced soon. Since 2016, the time we started this journey, it’s getting more and more enriching &engaging, now we want more people, more brands & corporates to join us on this journey to make India as one of the biggest & strongest player in this sector.”

“IIFW has devised an 8-city tour in and around India which will begin from its Pune edition in presence of renowned brands, designers, fashion enthusiasts, media personals, and famed city socialites to be a part of IIFW NXT - The Intimate Tour. The tour witnesses its advent in Pune, and moves on to Goa, Bengaluru, Delhi, and so on and so forth. After 2 super successful seasons, a super sexy calendar Black Magik launch and few international brand launches in India, we were eyeing to add some innovation & creativity to our approach in executing the IIFW Shows. And as we are known to break taboo & initiate steps into unexplored territories, we thought of breaking this formal-formal show type and start something far more impactful, more reaching & engaging platform for designers, brands, models & Gen-next talents, along with our IIFW large scale show and that’s how we came up with IIFW NXT, The Intimate Tour format, which can be franchised also in these cities,” elaborates Niraj Jawanjal.

Explaining further about IIFW NXT, Amit Pandey, Media Head, IIFW says, “IIFW takes it in its stride to promote social awareness of ‘Boo The Taboo’ in order to educate girls and women on feminine hygiene. We have been known to promote and introduce international lingerie & beachwear brands to the Indian Subcontinent. The entity is equally zestful about motivating and supporting Indian brands and designers tap into the lingerie segment and take onto a global plane. In addition to that, IIFW also hopes to foray into the field of design education. The design school will be state of the art, globally capacitating students with par excellence design skills. The school should emerge as one of the best in the world.”


IIFW NXT, is an all-new fashion forward format by IIFW which is designed to engage & involve the finest regional talent in terms of brands, designers & models in the intimate & beach fashion segment. IIFW NXT is an intimate fashion tour to be organized at top 10 cities in India, starting from Pune. After Pune, the IIFW NXT tour would continue to place it footprints in Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Indore, Chennai, Kochi etc. IIFW NXT would focus on spreading its motto of " Boo The Taboo " across all these regional shows involving fashion enthusiasts, socialites, designers & brands, media & journalists. This way the movement of promoting the budding talent in the intimate fashion industry can be strengthened.

About India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW):

India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the intimate apparel and personal care industry. The event exposes both emerging and established brands and designers, manufacturers and distributors from India and around the globe, spanning market categories of lingerie, loungewear, sleep wear, legwear, lingerie accessories, men’s underwear, swimwear, beachwear, shape wear and more. India Intimate Fashion Week is also taking immense endeavour to let India speak its mind about this world largest industry and become shy-away so that we can involve and nurture the emerging talent in this massive industry to command a bold stand.

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