President-designate Xi Jinping vows to remove China's corrupt 'tigers' and 'flies'

London, Jan. 23 (ANI): Chinese President-designate Xi Jinping has vowed to flush out both corrupt 'tigers' and 'flies' in the country.

President-designate Jinping made the comment in reference to political leaders and junior bureaucrats.

He also adopted a series of sober measures like banning costly and elaborate flower arrangements and red-carpet ceremonies during high-profile parties, The Guardian reports.

Jinping said that not removing an unhealthy situation would be like putting up a wall between the party and the people, and thus, it is necessary for all officials to follow orders.

Corruption expert Deng Xiaogang said that although the Communist Party has realised the impact of power abuse on their strengths, powerful interest groups could block the changes needed.

Describing the campaign against corruption as a populist policy, Wu Qiang, a scholar at Beijing's Tsinghua University, said such campaigns were used to conceal political struggles inside the ruling Communist Party.

Qiang further said reports of party clashes were released to the public as anti-corruption campaigns and would last until the central government finds other policies to implement. (ANI)