President Biden nominates Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to become new Ambassador to India

New Delhi, July 10 (ANI): President Joe Biden on July 09 announced his intent to nominate Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to become the new US Ambassador to India. Garcetti's selection, which has long been anticipated, an ambassadorship in India would allow Garcetti to work on such issues as pandemic relief, climate change, trade, and immigration, offering him new foreign policy experience. Eric M Garcetti has been the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles (LA) since 2013, following 12 years as a member of the City Council, including six as Council President. He led LA's successful bid to return the summer Olympic Games to American soil for the first time in three decades. He currently chairs LA Metro, the country's second-busiest transit agency, which is building or extending 15 new transit lines, and shifting to an all-electric fleet.

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