How to Prepare Delicious Gulab Jamun With Two Simple Ingredients at Home

Forcefully or out of choice, people under lockdown are bound to find themselves in the kitchen. Most of us are subject to anxiety with the extending lockdown and are inventing methods to bust isolation stress. Those, who are not master chefs but are born with a sweet tooth, must be craving for a traditional taste of dessert. The internet, which is abuzz with resourceful culinary ideas, has got a little something to satiate sugary desires.

A TikTok user has come up with a gulab jamun recipe using just two basic ingredients from the kitchen. This quick and simple recipe is garnering crazy fandom on the video-sharing app.

While most gulab jamun recipes require a list of raw materials, this particular procedure needs just bread and milk. Yes, you heard it right! No worries about buying condensed milk, khoya, milk powder, and many other ingredients.

This not-so-elaborate process will show you how to use bread and milk as the base for this delicious Indian sweet.

The viral clip opens with the user cutting out the corners from bread slices and then transferring it to a bowl after shredding it in small chunks. Milk is added to the bowl and then mixed to form a consistent dough. Once the dough is ready, the user takes small portions to make round balls filled with few grated almonds.

The bread balls are then fried and tossed in pre-done sugar syrup. It is prepared by boiling sugar in water until thick. The easy procedure has collected over 75 million views and more than 3.8 million likes since shared.