Pregnant women need to get vaccinated at earliest: Minister

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Thiruvananthapuram, July 19 (PTI): Kerala Minister Veena George on Monday again stressed the need for vaccinating pregnant women against Covid-19 as early as possible as, she said, they were at the highest risk of contracting the infection.

The Health Minister, in a press release, said many such women in the State have succumbed to the virus and that the decision to get them vaccinated was taken by the Union Health Ministry after several studies.

She further said expectant mothers were at risk of getting infected the most as they have to go to hospitals for treatment and care often.

'It is in this critical situation that the Department of Health has launched a campaign called 'matra kavacham' to provide vaccines to pregnant women across the State and the response from the districts has been positive,' she said.

'So far 39,822 pregnant women in the State have been vaccinated,' the Minister pointed out.

Some expectant mothers were reluctant to take the vaccine and they should get the shot for their safety and their baby's, she said.

She said gynaecologists working in government and private healthcare institutions held a meeting and decided to create awareness on the benefits of vaccination among those pregnant.

She said the Covid-19 infection would be less harmful once immunized.

'The objective of the 'matra kavacham' is to vaccinate all those pregnant by registering them for vaccination with the help of Asha activists at the ward-level. Those who can register on their own will be encouraged to do so,' she said in the release.

The Minister said thedisease can be serious in people over the age of 35, those obese and those with diabetes and high blood pressure.

The virus can affect the health of the foetus too, so it is important to get vaccinated during pregnancy, she said.

According to the Central government, the Minister said, there was no bar to get vaccinated even when mothers are breastfeeding. Therefore, those pregnant can take the first dose even close to the delivery date, she added.


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