Prega News Urges You To Celebrate Every Woman For Who She Is

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In India, the stigma associated with infertility is so strong that those affected by it often suffer in silence. Moreover, owing to social conditioning, a major part of the emotional and psychological burden of not being able to have a baby is carried by women. They are at the receiving end of taunts and judgmental looks, and are viewed as ‘incomplete’.

That’s why this Women’s Day video by Prega News is so important. Prega News is India’s No. 1 pregnancy detection card from the house of Mankind Pharma.

"The video encourages you to break the silence around the topic of infertility and celebrate every woman for who she is because #SheIsCompleteInHerself."

It sends out a strong message and is sure to leave you teary-eyed. Before we tell you more, watch it here.

That motherhood completes a woman is a commonly held notion. This makes it tougher for couples dealing with infertility to talk openly about what they’re going through. That’s where a powerful video such as this makes all the difference.

" It makes a very solid point that every woman should be embraced for who she is."

The film also highlights the role family members can play in helping reduce the stigma attached to infertility. You saw how Lata’s sister-in-law says that if she has a daughter she would want her to be exactly like Lata.

"The video reinforces the fact that true acceptance begins at home."

Infertility can take a huge mental and emotional toll on couples, particularly women. This Women’s Day, let’s have conversations around infertility and make it easier for those battling it. More importantly, let’s understand that irrespective of whether a woman is a mother or not, #SheIsCompleteInHerself.

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