Prayagraj: Women celebrate Bhaidooj on Yamuna river bank

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Women praying at the banks of river Yamuna
Women praying at the banks of river Yamuna

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 16 (ANI): Bhaidooj celebrations were performed on the banks of river Yamuna as women offered prayers and hailed the Sun god on Monday morning.

According to the mythological tale, the lord of death -- Yamraja -- went to his sister Goddess Yamuna's place who hosted him well. He got pleased and announced that from this day any brother who would go to his sister's place and eat a meal cooked by her would never have to face an untimely death.

"Also, goddess Yamuna announced that those brothers and sisters who will come and take dips in the river will have her blessings forever. Bhaidooj has been celebrated since then," said Shivangi, a woman praying at the river bank.

Women lit incense sticks, diyas and circled around the decorated pooja place while singing traditional folk songs.

Brothers and sisters took dips in the holy river together. (ANI)