Pratap Sarangi launches MSME Forum for Indian entrepreneurs on World MSME Day

New Delhi [India], June 28 (ANI): WC Education Private Limited celebrated the World Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) Day on Saturday by launching a solitary flagship platform titled MSME Forum in the grand presence of Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Minister of State for MSME and eminent industry stalwarts.

On April 6, 2017, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 27 asMicro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day. By declaring so, the UN GeneralAssembly recognized the importance of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprisesto achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) and promote innovation, creativityand sustainable work for all.

The effort is to create more opportunities and right ambience for the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises so that they are inundated with multiple options in taking their businesses to the pinnacle.

Understanding India's severe potential during the countrywide lockdown and the waycitizens have beautifully responded to PM Shri Narendra Modi's call for making thenation Atmanirbhar, the experts found this moment as the right opportunity tounveil the MSME Forum.

"All my best wishes are with the newly launched MSME Forum and its creators on thisday when the entire planet is celebrating World MSME Day. I'm sure this MSMEForum will flourish soon and bring a new change in the country. My message to all the Indian entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship in Bharat is not new and hasalways been appreciated and highly looked upon by the other nations for centuries," said Pratap Sarangi.

"Thousands of years back the business linkage between Bharat and other countrieswere of 98 per cent. India's global GDP contribution during 1700s was 25 per cent. Albeit the figure has come down, still it's time to accelerate the graph and again prove oursuperiority," he added.

The various announcement of various policies and programs by the centraland state governments are playing pivotal roles in changing the mindset of theyoung generation and a larger number of youths are getting attracted to foundingbusinesses. However, still many constraints are being observed such as leadershipquality, finance, right approach, legalization, certification, etc. that hinder the growthof the budding entrepreneurs.

The launch of MSME Forum has been accomplished on June 27 in the warm presenceof the eminent stalwarts as the speakers from diverse professions.

The opening speech was given by Ashutosh Kumar, CEO, MSME Forum. The sessions were conducted by Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Minister of State for MSME, RaviChanakya, Chief Mentor, MSME Forum of India, Dharmendra Saxena (CIO-MSMEForum) on Platform and its functions, Manava Prem, Partner, Arora Prem andAssociates, Vijay Sethi, CIO Hero MotoCorp, Manoj Kumar Trivedi, MD,iGlobe Research and Analytics, Manoj Mantri, MD, Ginni Agro Products, Dr. SubasisNandei, Managing Director, TQS Global Management Services, and Patel UmeshKannaujia, Co-Chair, MSME Forum.

"India's economy that is affected by lockdown due to coronavirus, and thanks to PMModi for adopting several steps in reviving it. The package of Rs 20 lakh croreannounced will have a huge positive impact on the MSME sector. Various facilities have been provided with no collateral for the benefits of the micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. There are various packages which you can get in the government portals to ensure the rapid boosting of India's economy and making the country Atmanirbhar," said Pratap Sarangi.

"For example, PPT kit was not in India during the first stage of coronavirus, but now India is manufacturing and even exporting PPT kit to other countries (over 3 lakh everyday export). This is being done by MSME Ministry. Waste management is a beautiful subject which MEME sector needs to concentrate on. MSME sector should take a challenge of collecting and reusing agricultural, industrial, plastic wastes etc. Even water renewable and solar industry can also bring huge financial benefits to the entrepreneurs. Even our MSME Ministry is trying to maximum exposure to rural people's talent at the international level through various processes including exporting," he added.

The architects of MSME Forum have a mission to empower the entrepreneurs andrelentlessly uplift the neglected MSME segment across the country by providingthem a composite and state-of-art platform. Their pledge is to supporting andencouraging Make in India, stimulating Digital India and make Bharat Atmanirbhar.

"We're very happy to launch the MSME Forum on the World MSME Day. The MSMEin India typically account for 40 per cent of GDP, approximately one-third of themanufacturing output in the country, 45 per cent of the export and one of the largest employment generators. MSME bank credit to GDP ratio in India is close to6 per cent, which is far less than countries like South Korea, China, Thailand and Malaysia where the figure is over 15 per cent," Manava Prem, Partner, Arora Prem and Associates said.

"The key challenges before MSMEs are high-interest rates, high servicing processing cost, lack of proper accounting, reporting and compiling systems, long turnover time etc. The inadequate assist to finance is the primary reason why most of the MSMEs in India are in the macro or small stages only. A forum like this is the need of hour where any MSME can approach for various supports it requires in terms of wide assistance to finance, documentation, compliances and legal supports," he added.

MSME Forum is created to act as a holistic platform to address various challengesconfronted by the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. The parent organizationhas already proved its expertise in helping multitude of business owners across thenation. The services of MSME Forum range right from incubating a buddingentrepreneur to supporting the expansion of an existing entrepreneur.

The platform provides a complete hand holding support across all aspect of thebusiness Ecosystem The support is provided in the form of consultancy, supportservices and Advisory.

"We're happy to launch the MSME Forum on the World MSME Day. The future ofIndia belongs to today's youth. The youths are always filled with special talents whichthey need to recognize and utilize so that a new revolution of business takes placeacross the country. The mindset of the Indian youths have altered in the last fewyears from job seekers to job providers. This new forum will surely be proved as astimulator in flourishing the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in future andmake Bharat Atmanirbhar," Ravi Chanakya, Chief Mentor, MSME Forum of India said.

"We're proud to launch the MSME Forum on the World MSME Day. The buddingentrepreneurs need to find out why their profits are not at par with sales. This forumis going to serve all kinds of assistance in taking the business to next levels. Hemainly spoke on need on industry 4.0 to optimise cost and increase profitability,"Manoj Trivedi, an expert of industry 4.0 and MD of iGlobe Research & Analytics,opined.

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