Prashant Bhushan rejects PM Modi's charge, adds farmers have been insulted

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan tweeted out referring to the PM's recent address. He says "Jo kal tak kehte the ki 'Maine apna Rajnaitik career andolan karke banaya hai', weh aaj hamare kisaano ko neecha dikhane ke liye 'Andolan jeev' keh rahe hai. What's worth noting here is the fact that the Prime Minister made no specific jives at him and there was no name taking. Prime minister Modi, merely addressed the people who have neither any connects with the farming community nor the parliamentarians but are still tainting the farmer protests with political malice. What the Prime Minister tried to do was expose only those opposition parties that are trying to give a political colour to the farm protests and expose the intent of the people who continue to go to the border areas and instigate the protesting farmers.