Pranay Permulla Murder: Thousands Attend Funeral in Miryalaguda

Cries of “Pranay Amar Rahe – Jai Bhim!” rang in the streets of Miryalaguda in Telangana on Sunday, 16 August, as thousands from across the state flocked to the town for the funeral procession of Pranay Perumalla.

The town bore witness to Dalit anger and sorrow, and hundreds of youngsters were part of the funeral procession that began from Pranay's home in Muthireddy Kunta and went around the town, before the burial took place at the Roman Catholic burial ground near his house.

Pranay, 24, was murdered on 14 September outside Miryalaguda Jyothi Hospital by an unknown assailant in a caste killing.

His crime? Marrying Amrutha, a woman from a Komati caste (Vyshya) – a caste Hindu. The police are still investigating the case.

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During the procession, Amrutha was seated on a tractor along with her husband's mortal remains, heading toward the burial ground accompanied by her in-laws and thousands of youth, who came to express their solidarity and demand justice.

Posters of Pranay Permulla being carried by sympathizers across the town.

"Ennisaralu Ee Goralu, Entamandimi Orugudamu” (How many times will these atrocities take place, how many should be laid rest), sang one youngster, as his comrades lent their voice to the chorus. The funeral was attended by those from other faiths as well, who expressed their solidarity for the Dalit cause.

The crowd, which consisted of a large number of youngsters, were also seen actively using social media and broadcasting the proceedings with the help of Facebook lives. “Let the world see the ugly face of casteism,” said one youngster.

Dalits, human rights activists and students from Kakatiya and Osmania University were all in attendance, and so were the residents of Miryalaguda, who are yet to recover from the brazen murder. Apart from sorrow, there was anger, and a resolve to ensure that more caste crimes do not take place.

Dalits, human rights activists and students were all in attendance for the funeral.

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"Irrespective of caste, people have been shaken by the brutal murder of Pranay. He will go down in the pages of the atrocious caste history of the country." - Gorati Venkanna, poet and activist

"I never expected this to happen. I don't have words. I feel kind of empty inside," said Mohammad Ali, who was part of the procession and lived in the same neighbourhood as Pranay.

Sharat Naliganti, a student leader from Osmania University and who was part of the procession, called for a separate legislation for the protection of couples who marry inter-caste. He said:

"We demand that there be a new legislation for the murders and assaults on inter-caste couples, who marry as per their choice." - Sharat Naliganti, a student leader from Osmania University

Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) leader, Krishna Madiga, Professor Surepallly Sujata and heads of various students organisations leaders were also in attendance.

On 15 September various Dalit groups came together and declared a bandh across the town.

Miryalaguda, a town which sees agrarian and trade activities, is situated in the Nalgonda district of Telangana. The locality where Pranay hailed from, is home to those predominantly from the SC community. On the morning of 15 September, a day after Pranay’s murder, people could be seen huddling over newspapers at various tea stalls, trying to make sense of the hate that led to Pranay's murder.

On the same day, various Dalit groups came together and declared a bandh across the town. Hundreds of Dalit youth took to the streets enforcing the bandh, shutting down shops, going from street to street on their bikes.

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