Pragya Thakur Calls Bhopal Protest Against French President Macron 'Treason'

Vivek Trivedi
·1-min read

Objecting to members of minority community protesting in large numbers against French president Emmanuel Macron in Bhopal on Thursday, BJP MP Pragya Thakur called them "vidharmi" (heretic).

Thakur speaking to the mediapersons in the city on Friday expressed strong resentment over such activities. “There is no dearth of traitors in Bhopal who are hell bent on destroying the nation. Provisions should be formulated to rein in such elements,” an anguished Thakur said.

Thousands had protested against Macron’s alleged remarks against "Islamic radicalism" at Iqbal Maidan in Bhopal on Thursday. The protesters were led by Congress MLA Arif Masood.

Why can’t they engage in such activities in China as all follow what rules are formulated there and India should also do the same formulating stringent norms, said Thakur. “Who are the terrorists? Why this section always. Wherever this community is present, the heretics are being punished.”

Calling the protest "treason", Thakur urged CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan to act against the same and asked Congress president Sonia Gandhi and MPCC head Kamal Nath to clarify their stand on the MLA’s act.

Uma Bharti also dubbed the protest ‘treason’. She also sought a clarification from Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Kamal Nath on the protest.